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The Wellness Solution for Remote Work

We make it easy for employees to self direct their benefits while eliminating the administrative burden

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Step 01

Customize your benefit program, picking any category to reimburse

JOON works with any vendor within every category, the only limit is your imagination and the wants and needs of your team.

Step 02

Set your budget and let us do the rest

Our algorithm automagically approves and reimburses eligible transactions made with each employee’s own linked credit or debit card

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Empower employees to self-direct their wellness benefits

We all have different wants and needs, so let your team seamlessly choose the most meaningful way to exercise their benefits

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What’s Different about JOON


JOON takes care of ongoing validation after an employee signs up

Fully Customizable

Choose from our categories or customize your own–there are no limits

Easy Access

JOON covers every employee regardless of geographic location

Why People Love JOON

JOON's simplicity and ease of use will create a win-win-win within your organization.


Don't need to approve and create new budgets for new vendors. JOON helps you simplify and consolidate your benefits offering making it easier to communicate it with new and existing team members.


No more time filing expense reports or logging into portals within portals. JOON is made to work in the background, so you don't have to.

People Ops Teams

No longer need to waste time, energy, and money implementing benefits no one cares about. JOON is a benefit people are excited to use and an effective way to show your team you care about their individualized needs.

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Wellness Isn’t One Size Fits All

Customize your company’s benefits with different wellbeing categories.

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“Offering benefits through JOON keeps our employees healthy and our compensation package competitive. It’s a win-win”

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“JOON has helped make my wellness routine more affordable, while also opening doors to new products and services”

Amrit S

“I love how my JOON benefit comes straight to my bank account without me having to lift a finger”

Brandon G

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