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January 6, 2023

Announcing JOON 2.0: The future of lifestyle spending accounts and flexible wellness benefits

Our mission at JOON is simple: to make wellness more accessible. We do that by enabling organizations to offer truly flexible benefits and become overall better employers. Today we’re excited to announce a major step on our journey. We’ve completely overhauled our platform to make it easier than ever for workforces and individuals to invest in their physical, mental, financial, and professional wellbeing.

When we launched JOON in 2019, our initial focus was on facilitating gym reimbursements, which were the primary focus for forward-thinking organizations that wanted to invest in their workforce’s wellbeing. For better or worse, the pandemic permanently changed everything and gym reimbursements weren’t nearly enough. Organizations needed to immediately prioritize mental health and work-from-home setups. Then social advocacy and family care. Then in-person experiences and relaxation. 

Today, 100+ organizations trust JOON with 200+ unique benefits programs, accounting for nearly $1M in monthly reimbursements from purchases at 10,000+ eligible merchants. And while we scored a 4.4 out of 5 on our most recent survey of benefits recipients, we knew we could do an even better job to make wellness even more accessible. So here are all the new features you’ll notice when you login to JOON beginning January 9:

For Benefits Recipients

An entirely new experience built from the ground up, from onboarding to reimbursements.

Connected wallet

Being able to connect a card for purchases is the feature that makes JOON so much easier and more automated than any other benefits experience. And it just got a major upgrade! Enjoy clearer terminology, better status and error visibility, and overall improved card connectivity.

Benefits programs

Whether you have a single benefits program or 10 (that’s a lot of wellness), you can now see all the important information on a single page. Get a clearer understanding of your allowance, rollover, utilization, one-time modifications, eligibility criteria, and more.

Past purchases

All new search and filter options let you identify eligible and ineligible purchases. You can easily request eligibility and remove purchases.

Coming soon: view and manage large purchases with ongoing reimbursements

Past reimbursements

See expected reimbursement timelines, along with how much you were reimbursed across programs in past months.

Coming soon: see a breakdown of the eligible purchases, per benefits program, that counted toward a reimbursement

New and better partners

We’re leveling up our exclusive discount partnerships and experience, starting with better search and browse features. We’ll have 200+ incredible partnerships by the end of 2023, along with expert reviews and recommendations based on your wellness goals.


For Admins

Admins are getting powerful capabilities to manage their programs and better invest in their workforce’s wellbeing. New features and updates will be added regularly, which we’ll add to a changelog you can track in-app.

People management

You have brand new capabilities to manage benefits eligibility, including the ability to choose the exact dates for an individual’s eligibility in each program, and even when invites will be sent to new benefits recipients. You can also now grant administrative permissions to users.

Coming soon: bulk people management


Get real-time stats into participation, allowance utilization, and allowance left.

Coming later: Trends, merchant breakdowns, and exports


Along with an entirely new auto-pay experience with expected reimbursement timelines, you can now pay invoices via Wire/ACH without authenticating your organization’s bank account.

Coming later: billing-only admins, auto-pay delay customization, comprehensive invoice reporting