June 13, 2024

Beyond the Mind: A Comprehensive Mental Health Dialogue

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we recently hosted a webinar with Meghan Freeman focused on mental health and therapy.

Meghan is a licensed clinical social worker and founder of Abundant Life Partners, a therapy, counseling, mentoring, and holistic wellness practice based in Williamsburg, Virginia.

During the webinar, Meghan guided attendees through navigating the therapy ecosystem, including how to find a therapist (both in-network and out-of-network) and understanding various therapy modalities. The session also covered specific therapy considerations for couples, and parents and children.

They also examined the inherent risks and benefits of engaging in therapy and explored the role of therapy in managing chronic stress, enhancing emotional resilience, and developing effective coping mechanisms.

Whether you’re exploring the mental health landscape for the first time or are a seasoned therapy participant, this session is designed to provide an educational and empowering overview of how you can navigate the mental space for yourself and your loved ones.