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Our Categories

Wellness isn’t one size fits all. Customize your company’s benefits with different wellbeing categories, or build your own!

Work from home

Help your employees provision their home for remote work.

Health and wellness

Contribute to products and services that promote physical and mental health

Food and groceries

Help nourish your team with delicious and balanced meals at their favorite eateries

Learning and development

Enable your team to continuously learn and grow — an education allowance is a win-win

Student loan repayment

Help your employees eliminate the burden of student loan debt


Support and retain talented parents by subsidizing care


Build your own bundle with any specific category or brand(s) you can think of!


Help your employees make the world a better place by subsidizing their charitable contributions

Get Started

We’ve thoughtfully curated JOON’s benefit categories so you’re not stuck managing multiple vendors. Learn more about what’s included in each category and how we can help consolidate your benefits by getting in touch with our team.