Go beyond tips, tricks, and resources to help your team work from home

Go beyond tips, tricks, and resources to help your team work from home


There’s no shortage of work from home resources circulating the web covering the topic of employee wellness. Here are some of the best we’ve seen: 

But lists and links alone won’t help your team feel cared for during this time of extreme stress and isolation. In fact, sifting through resource guides can easily become another part of the overwhelming information overload we’re all experiencing. 

Many companies we’ve spoken with have begun Zoom meditation sessions and happy hours for their employees. At first, participation was encouragingly high but that has begun to taper off week by week. HR leaders are earnestly looking into benefit programs in order to reinforce their cultures and make a sustainable positive impact on their workforces.

To truly help your employees manage the challenges of the shutdown, you must recognize that while everyone may be working from home, each person’s experiences are unique. One-size-fits-all approaches may be easy to implement but won’t make the desired impact.

Empower everyone by empowering individuals

Consider that some employees are living alone in studio apartments experiencing loneliness, while others have spouses and kids running around their houses and don’t have a quiet moment to focus on their work.

No single program can address the vast differences amongst each employees’ experiences.

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We created JOON to make it easy for companies to provide customizable and comprehensive benefit programs that meet the diverse needs of their teams – all housed within a single platform. 

Creating a personalized benefit program might sound like a daunting task, particularly when we don’t have time to spare. 

But with JOON, we can help create and deploy such a program (one that’s inclusive, accessible to every employee and requires minimal long-term management) in minutes.

“We have employees and freelancers in different continents who are being impacted by the shutdown in wildly different ways. With JOON, they have the flexibility to choose what works best for them, from yoga videos to groceries.”

In these unprecedented times, we need to rely on the ingenuity, focus and tenacity of our employees. To solve the challenges that await us in the months ahead, we must ensure our people are fully supported. That means going beyond sharing links, and instead extending care. Customizable benefit programs will help boost morale, connectedness and productivity, particularly for teams now working remotely. 

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JOON can easily help you translate “WFH” to mean wellness from home.

In practical terms, whether you want to help your employees order meals and groceries, provision their home for remote work, or practice at-home wellness – we can help right now.

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