Offer a flexible Learning &
Development program.

Give employees access to:
Every professional content library
Every professional event & conference
Every Course or continuing education

Facilitate career growth & learning

Level up your workforce with a flexible, non-taxable Learning & Development program that works anywhere. Solve for low utilization, engagement, and restrictive coursework by switching to personalized L&D benefits employees actually use and appreciate.

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JOON is engineered to optimize satisfaction.

Set It and Benefit™ with the world’s first card-connected benefits solution. Deliver a secure and seamless experience by enabling benefits recipients to connect personal cards and bank accounts for purchases and reimbursements.

Step 1: Connect any personal card

Step 2: Make eligible purchases

Step 3: Get automatically reimbursed

Benefits recipients that prefer to upload receipts can do so and we’ll review and approve them for you!

per eligible benefits recipient