June 27, 2022

How Meow Wolf creates an incredible employee experience with better benefits

No company transports you to another universe quite as fantastically as Meow Wolf. Combining impressive artistry with powerful narratives, Meow Wolf has pioneered and perfected immersive experiences. They’ve also engineered an incredible employee experience with generous and inclusive benefits. 

“People choose Meow Wolf to be their employer because of the creative environment that we represent and how we are within our communities,” says Jacque Creamer, Benefits Specialist at Meow Wolf. “We are a B-Corp and there’s so many opportunities for growth within the company.”

Before JOON, Meow Wolf created a wellness bundle with one-off vendors in local areas.

“We had some issues with that because an individual might not be in that area of the city, or even in that city at all,” explains Creamer. “Or maybe they didn’t want that specific perk. They wanted to go to their own place.”

As the company expanded from New Mexico to Nevada and Colorado, the HR team began exploring options to create more flexibility and a better overall experience for employees.

“What attracted me to JOON was how simple of a platform it was. I knew that it would be easy to use for employees and it was also that one-stop-shop solution that provided great value,” Creamer says.

The company was able to go from 14% benefits utilization in 2021 to nearly 60% in 2022, thanks to JOON.