May 9, 2022

How to eat healthy and stay productive while WFH

For employees still working from home, an ongoing challenge has been the need to continue replacing in-office meals and snacks themselves. Rising costs combined with an increasing demand for healthier meals presents an opportunity for forward-thinking employers.

Many workers struggle to find the time or budget to buy and prepare meals that align with their health goals. That’s why at JOON we’ve developed a turnkey Healthy Meal Delivery category that employers can use to reimburse purchases toward online delivery services like Thrive Market and Hungryroot. By redirecting budgets from in-office meals and snacks toward such benefits, employers can generate employee appreciation while also helping them feel energized, productive, and healthy.

Whether or not your employer offers such a benefit, we’re here to help you take the next step. Health and wellness is an ongoing journey, it’s not a fixed destination. Diets can be scientific but are not always perfect or practical depending on your lifestyle. There are certain core principles that are definitely backed by research but even then, the field of nutrition is ripe with contradictory information. To keep things super simple in true JOON fashion, here are a couple of key principles to promote healthier eating:

  • Preference towards whole foods you can recognize and pronounce (e.g., fruits and vegetables) and minimally processed ingredients.
  • Foods and packaged goods that are low in sugar (no more than ~5-10 grams in sugar per serving)
  • Plant-based
  • Ethically sourced animal products
  • Foods high in vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients

More specifically, these are brands and products that we’ve tasted and vetted and/or are most popular with our community. When possible, we’ve also included exclusive discount links you can use!

  • Your Local Farmer’s Market
  • Healthy Meal Delivery:
  • Healthy Grocery Delivery:
  • Healthy Eateries:
    • Sweetgreen
    • Everytable
    • CAVA
    • Pressed Juicery
    • Erewhon, Cafe Gratitude (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Mixt, Souvla, Millennium, Urban Remedy (Bay Area, CA)
    • Picnik (Austin, TX)
    • DIG, Honeybrains, ABC Kitchen (New York, NY)
  • Better-for-you CPG products:
    • Siete
    • Simple Mills
    • Primal Kitchen
    • Cybele’s Gluten-Free Pasta
    • Hu Chocolate
    • Go Raw Nuts & Seeds
    • Magic Spoon
    • Brami
  • Supplements
    • Athletic Greens
    • Gainful
    • MUD/WTR
    • Clevr Blends
  • At-home cooking
  • Nutrition Coaching
    • Wellory