September 4, 2022

How to keep your body healthy and happy while working from home

In a survey of 25,000 Americans in spring 2022, Ipsos and McKinsey found that 58 percent of respondents reported having the opportunity to work from home at least one day a week and 35 percent of respondents report having the option to work from home five days a week. 

But these preferences to work from home, don’t come without their difficulties. The most common reason for those struggling to work from home is the lack of suitable workspace available. Nearly 40% of those struggling cite this as a key cause of the challenge. An ongoing challenge for many of us has been the need to create a comfortable and productive working environment. Not everybody has a spare bedroom to convert to a home office and many of us still need to share space with roommates, family members, and kids. 

Additionally, many workers struggle to find the tools or products that will keep their workspace environment healthy. The flexible feature of remote work can end up leading to tight hip flexors from sitting and overall bodily tension and stress. That’s why JOON has developed a turnkey Work From Home category that employers can use to reimburse purchases and brands that make remote work more efficient and delightful. 

More specifically, JOON clients use our flexible benefits platform to reimburse standing desks, ergonomically-designed chairs, monitors, physical therapy, plants, foam rollers, and my latest obsession, a treadmill to walk at my standing desk 🙂

By redirecting budgets from in-office perks toward such benefits optimized for employees’ home set-up, employers can generate employee appreciation while also helping them feel energized, productive, and healthy. 

Beyond improving your workforce’s ergonomics and ability to productively work from home, companies are also transitioning in-office snacks to healthy food delivery and beyond.

These are trending brands and popular products that JOON has vetted. When possible, we’ve also included exclusive discount links you can use!



Standing Accessories 

 Laptop Stands & Monitors

PT, Mobility, & Massages 




Office Vibes

Zoom Upgrades 

Coworking & Membership Clubs

  • WeWork 
  • Spaces Coworking
  • The Wing
  • Remedy Place