How to make “WFH”​ mean Wellness From Home


How to make “WFH”​ mean Wellness From Home

The coronavirus has already begun to change almost every aspect of our lives, including how we work. Most of us are working from home to keep each other healthy and safe – doing our part to help flatten the curve. Acclimating to remote work can be challenging in terms of staying connected to your team, managing your time, and setting boundaries. Moreover, parents are caring for children who are also home from school. 

These major changes, exacerbated by stress from isolation and financial uncertainty, make it even harder to produce our best work.

JOON is here to support companies and their teams dealing with these very problems. 

Our platform is the first of its kind to cover all dimensions of employee well-being in one place. JOON is a fully customizable benefit reimbursement platform that’s open to every possible vendor within any given expense category. 

JOON is a Farsi word that roughly translates to ‘a life force or energy that enriches our soul.’ It is our mission to help employers take better care of their people and transform the workplace into an environment that gives ‘joon’. Now that working from home has become the “new normal,” JOON is helping companies meet the needs of these changing times.

Care not cost

To do our part, we are waiving fees for new customers for the next few months. We want to ensure employers can focus on care rather than cost during these trying times.

Within minutes, JOON can help you create a wellbeing program that’s inclusive and accessible to every employee. Simply choose your benefit categories, set a monthly allowance, and invite your team. Employees use their existing credit or debit card, and JOON’s platform automatically validates and reimburses employees for approved purchases. 

In practical terms, if you want to help your employees provision their home for remote work, practice at-home wellness or order meals and groceries – we can help.

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Most of our clients have taken action in response to COVID-19

These companies instantly increased their benefit allowances and expanded eligible expenses to support a fully remote workforce. In lieu of weekly in-office catering, Ordermark continued their commitment to care by increasing their benefit allowance for meal delivery. Another client is helping employees adjust to the shutdown with allowances for at-home fitness classes and digital mental health.

Our goal has always been to make it easy for employers to take care of their people. JOON empowers employees to use benefit program dollars to enrich their personal and professional lives, while automating the administrative side entirely. 

Now more than ever, we realize that JOON can help get vital resources into your employees’ hands. These resources can help your employees better navigate this crisis, provide for their own wellbeing, and the needs of their families. 

The cost of the coronavirus is likely to be enormous, and may radically change our economy, healthcare system and social norms. The one constant will be a need to care for one another. 

As Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and founder of Josh Bersin Academy,rightfully said,

“I think our philosophy has to be ‘people first, economics second.’ Our companies are filled with dedicated, passionate, capable people – but they can’t help our customers and each other unless they feel safe, protected, and supported. This is not a time to think about cost: it’s a time to think about support, care, and listening. Once they feel safe and secure, your people will pull your company out of this crisis.”

For employers, it will be critical to listen to how your employees’ needs are changing. Taking the steps to provide for those needs will ensure people have the mental, emotional and physical support to help us weather this storm. 

We would be humbled to help you better care for your employees in any capacity. 

With love,

Jon and Sebastian