November 2, 2021

Level up your employee benefits with 401(k)s powered by Betterment

The Great Resignation has made hiring talented individuals more competitive than ever. As employers step up their offerings, we’re excited to be partnering with Betterment for Business – one of the best solutions to enhance overall compensation.

At JOON, we think that legacy software and poor user experiences turn too many benefits into burdens. Workforces are tired of check-the-box, restrictive benefits, and want seamless experiences designed for them to actually utilize rather than avoid their benefits. That’s why we’re delighted with Betterment’s approach to 401(k)s, which we recently discussed with Finledger.

About half of small businesses offer tax-advantaged 401(k) plans and the overwhelming majority of employees are seeking to utilize their company’s financial benefits. Betterment offers a world-class experience for both administrators and employees, seamlessly integrating with payroll and other banking applications.

As importantly, Betterment is invested in education about financial wellbeing. They’re a thought leader in the space, committed to helping the workforce sustainably save and plan for retirement.