October 27, 2023

Leveraging Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs) for mental health and emotional wellbeing

While many enjoy the flexibility of remote work, a significant number of workers report challenges related to mental health and well-being including but not limited to isolation, anxiousness, and feelings of overwhelm. Much of this can occur due to the blurred lines between work and personal life.

Regardless of our work environment, we all face the often silent challenges of mental health.

Recognizing this, JOON’s LSA offers a unique and comprehensive way for companies to support their employee’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. Employees can use JOON on out-of-pocket therapy sessions, ensuring they have the professional support they need. For those looking for alternative methods to cope, meditation courses, mindfulness apps, and stress-relief tools are also covered. Employees on JOON are also getting reimbursed for everything from yoga classes that help alleviate work stress to online courses on emotional intelligence.

Moreover, many employers who use JOON understand that mental well-being isn’t just about therapy or meditation. Your physical health, physical environment, and way you spend your time all impact your mind. That’s why JOON’s platform can also support expenses related to hobbies that promote relaxation, such as art supplies for therapeutic painting or musical instruments for those seeking solace in melodies.

By redirecting funds from traditional perks to benefits that prioritize mental health, companies can foster a culture of understanding and compassion. This not only boosts employee morale but also contributes to increased productivity and engagement.

In addition to these offerings, JOON continues to vet and partner with innovative and popular brands in the mental wellness space. And yes, for those keen on exploring, exclusive discount links are often available!


HearMe is an innovative platform designed to connect individuals seeking a listening ear with compassionate listeners in real-time. Whether you’re going through a tough time or just need someone to talk to, HearMe provides a safe, anonymous space to share your feelings and thoughts.


BetterHelp is a leading online therapy platform that connects individuals with licensed therapists. Offering flexibility, convenience, and affordability, BetterHelp ensures that professional mental health support is accessible to everyone, no matter where they are.


Talkspace revolutionizes the way therapy is accessed by offering online and mobile counseling. With a vast network of licensed therapists, Talkspace provides therapy sessions via text, audio, and video, making mental health support more immediate and adaptable to modern lifestyles.


Othership’s Breathwork App stands out by combining enjoyable music and playlists with guided breathing exercises. Whether you’re looking to start your day with energy or wind down in the evening, Othership offers tailored sessions to suit your mood and needs.