December 19, 2022

Our favorite wellness products of 2022

The wellness space can feel saturated and overwhelming, with tons of choices but also lots of important discoveries and research. As a wellness benefits platform used by 20,000+ professionals, we have front-row seats to the industry. I asked my team to share their favorite wellness products in 2022 as inspiration for our community. Here’s what they said:

Favorites for physical health

  • Jon: The Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna is meditative, relaxing, and deliberate heat-exposure comes with a whole host of great health benefits. 
  • Gretchen: Future’s digital 1-1 personal training has done wonders for my fitness routine and bodily awareness. 
  • Raheli: Barry’s Bootcamp has made me stronger and improved my running significantly!
  • Sebastian: Hyperice’s Normatec has been wonderful for recovery.  
  • Nis: Stretchlab (shout out to Julio in Austin’s S Lamar location) has helped me stay fresh, avoid injury, and learn about range of motion and recovery.

Favorites for mental health

  • Jon: Othership’s Breathwork App does a great job blending fun music and playlists with guided breathing exercises – they have selections that are energizing and awesome for the morning as well ones that are effective for relaxation and winding down before bed. 
  • Gretchen: Morning sun in the face!
  • Raheli: Okay Humans has made therapy a lot more convenient, delightful, and cost-effective.
  • Sebastian: Reading on my Kindle! 
  • Nis: Pickleball is my therapy
  • Rachael: Coffee shop fridays! Making sure to get out of my home at least one day a week keeps me motivated and inspired as a fully remote worker.

Favorites for sleep

Favorites for working from home

Favorite active/footwear

  • Jon: HOKA Speedgoats are incredible for hiking and trail running, and their Bondi 8s and Gaviota’s are amazing for everyday.
  • Gretchen: OnRunning’s running shorts
  • Raheli: I’m a Brooks running shoe girl for life. Don’t sleep on finding a running store near you to get custom insoles – you can put them in any shoe and they will change your walking game!
  • Sebastian: Vuori is my favorite for working out. Their Ponto Shorts and Joggers are soft and great for more casual loungewear and walking.
  • Nis: On Cloud X 3 is the greatest everyday shoe ever built. Don’t @ me.

Favorite snack

  • Jon: IQBAR has become my go-to for travel, hikes, and adventures – they only have 1 gram of sugar, are low-carb, plant-based, relatively moist, and actually taste good. 
  • Gretchen: AG1 makes it so easy to get greens in my diet everyday.
  • Raheli: Brami Lupini Beans are a savory protein-rich italian bean snack with no sugar, and 0 net carbs. 
  • Sebastian: LMNT Electrolytes are the tastiest and saltiest electrolytes I’ve tried – especially considering that they have 0 grams of  sugar.
  • Nis: Not sure if they count as snacks but every morning for me since 2018 begins with a Super Coffee and Good Culture. 

Favorite cookware/appliance

  • Jon: Ember Mug keeps my coffee hot at all times. 
  • Gretchen: MARCATO Pasta Maker is an affordable and easy to use pasta maker — say hello to homemade pasta nights!
  • Raheli:  Caraway makes beautiful, high-quality, non-toxic, ceramic cookware that’s a gamechanger in the kitchen – it lasts longer than other lower quality pots and pans I’ve bought in the past, and has no chemicals like Teflon.
  • Sebastian: The Buzio Water Bottle pushes me to drink more water during the day, and is one of the only larger 32 ounce water bottles that fits in any car cup holder.
  • Nis: Breville Smart Oven is shockingly good at multiple things and has replaced our air fryer, dehydrator, toaster, and microwave.

Pressing Pause

  • Jon: WHOOP was cool to try, but ultimately I couldn’t justify paying $30/month for their membership when I got an apple watch.
  • Raheli: SEED probiotics – people swear by them but… I swear they didn’t make a difference 
  • Sebastian: Oura was awesome for sleep tracking but difficult for me to lift weights with. 
  • Nis: I absolutely love Fight Camp but it’s just too difficult to dedicate that much space to a mediocre calorie burn, so it’s on pause for now.