January 17, 2024

Our top rated lifestyle and wellness products

2023 was yet another amazing year in the health and wellness space. We not only discovered new products and brands but also reaffirmed our commitment to our favorites from 2022. As the top-rated wellness benefits platform, we get a unique view into the industry. We invited our team to share their top wellness products from 2023, hoping to inspire our community in 2024. Here’s what they recommended:

Favorites for physical health

  • Canyon for beautiful direct-to-consumer bicycles. 
  • Camp Los Angeles for effective, efficient workouts and great vibes. 

Favorites for mental health

  • Otter.AI’s transcription tool for voice journaling and traveling back to thoughts and feelings in big life moments.
  • Two Chairs for easy access to in-network therapy.
  • Othership for fun and effective breathwork meditations to great soundtracks.
  • Mindbloom for legal, safe, and clinician-guided ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety. 

Favorites for sleep

  • Eightsleep for temperature-controlled sleep, friendly alarm clocks, and frictionless tracking.   
  • Momentous Sleep Stack for a combination of magnesium, l-theanine, and GABA that promotes quality rest.
  • Swanwick Blue Blockers to lower exposure to blue light at night.  

Favorites for working from home

Favorite for the outdoors 

Favorite supplements 

  • LMNT electrolytes for deliciously salty hydration. 
  • Clevr for hassle-free superfood matcha, chai, turmeric lattes, and more. 
  • Thorne Creatine for gains in the gym.
  • WeNatal pre-natal and fertility supplements for women and men. 

Favorite snacks 

Favorite cookware

  • Caraway for beautiful, high-quality, non-toxic, ceramic cookware that’s a game-changer in the kitchen.
  • Vitamix for daily smoothies. Check out their food processor adapter for seamless food prep.

Low or no-cost wellness