Ahara uses a science-backed algorithm to analyze your health data, symptoms, and goals, creating a personalized nutrition plan tailored to your specific needs. This includes individualized meal plans, curated recipes, and daily tracking to help you achieve optimal health, slow aging, and reduce chronic disease.

Get 25% off Ahara’s Foundational Plan for $7.50 or their Advanced Plan for $645 

Ahara’s Advanced Plan includes all Foundational Plan features, plus at-home genetic, epigenetic, and biomarker testing to understand how your body absorbs key nutrients, your biological vs. chronological age, and your rate of aging.

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    Discover Your Hidden Health Risks

    • Personalized Nutrition Plan: Ahara creates a comprehensive nutrition report based on your unique health profile, identifying key nutrients you need.
    • Meal Plans and Recipes: Access hundreds of personalized recipes and grocery lists, with seamless Instacart integration for easy shopping.
    • Daily Tracking: Log your meals and track your nutrient intake to stay on top of your health goals.
    • Advanced Tools: Use the menu scanner for dining out and the UPC scanner for quick product checks, ensuring you always make the best food choices.