Batelle teaches you how to put your child to bed in 5 minutes and sleep throughout the night, within two weeks, guaranteed.

Get $250 off the Sleep School program!

    Parenting has evolved: Sleep needs to as well


    No work-life balance
    Balancing work and children can make you feel like you have lost control

    Burnout rates
    66% of working parents are burnt out: the number one reason for burn out is sleep

    Employee Loss
    43% of women leave the workforce after having children, (this increases with seniority up to 61% for senior female execs)

    Feel in control again

    • Be able to enjoy and plan your evenings: bedtime will be 5 minutes
    • Wake up rested and refreshed again: no more night wake-ups
    • Feel connected with your child: learn how to interact in a way that fosters engagement and connection, without sacrificing sleep
    • Oh, and we also promise to support you – free of charge – for any future sleep issues until your child’s 6th birthday

    The price of sleep and peace of mind

    • $1500 – all inclusive, but as a Joon member you get a $250 discount.
    • You can pay this over monthly installments ($104/12 months or $83/15 months)
    • You get your money back if it doesn’t work.