Batelle teaches you how to put your 0-6 year old child to bed in 5 minutes and sleep throughout the night, within two weeks, guaranteed.

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    The Batelle Guarantees or Your Money Back

    • Gentle method: Never “cry-it-out”
    • Bedtimes on your schedule: 5-minute bedtime
    • Regain sleep: Sleep through the night
    • Ongoing support: 5-year commitment


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    Feel in control again

    • Be able to enjoy and plan your evenings: bedtime will be 5 minutes
    • Wake up rested and refreshed again: no more night wake-ups
    • Feel connected with your child: learn how to interact in a way that fosters engagement and connection, without sacrificing sleep
    • Oh, and we also promise to support you – free of charge – for any future sleep issues until your child’s 6th birthday