JOON is excited to partner with Lettuce Grow to highlight their easy solution to growing food at home, indoors or outside.

$100 off a 24-Plant Farmstand with seedlings

The Farmstand and seedlings must be purchased together.

    three planters


    It is no secret that America’s food supply has been compromised. With the current supply chain, 52% of produce is wasted. We know that most of the food we see on grocery store shelves has been processed, sprayed with chemicals, and is far from fresh by the time it reaches the consumer.

    How It Works

    Easy to assemble. No tools required. Grow indoors or outdoors, for a family or yourself, in just 4 sq. ft. Use 98% less water. We deliver live plants to give you a head start. We do the hard work. You experience the joy of growing your own food.