From sleep to activity to monitoring your heart rate or overnight blood oxygen level, Oura unlocks insights to help you improve your health every day.

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    Oura is like having a sleep lab on your finger. Wake up to an in-depth analysis of your sleep patterns and personalized tips to feel more energized every day.

    Heart Health
    Monitor your heart rate and HRV daily to detect any changes in your heart.

    Illness Detection
    Oura monitors shifts in your temperature and heart rate so you can tell when you may be getting sick sooner.

    Activity & Recovery
    From mountain climbing to meditating, Oura tracks your daily movement while prioritizing balance & rest.

    Women’s Health
    Oura helps you understand your body across your cycle. It also powers Naturals Cycles, the first FDA-cleared birth control app.

    Oura’s Stress feature detects and tracks moments of stress to help you identify your unique stress triggers and recovery tactics — so you can bounce back faster.