JOON is excited to partner with Sanvello to help you rethink how you manage your mental health. Sanvello is a top-rated app for anxiety, depression and stress with over 3 million users.
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Four Kinds of Support, One Sanvello

Sanvello has all the support you need in one place: therapy, coaching, self-care tools, and a community that gets it. With Sanvello, you’ll get proven tools for dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, trauma-related conditions, or whatever else you may be going through.

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Making Mental Health More Accessible

Joon members can try Sanvello Premium + Coaching free for two weeks. Through our partnerships with insurance providers, Sanvello Therapy is in-network for over 90 million people, and over 40 million people have free access to Sanvello Premium self-care tools.