The world’s first “Human Light” is originally designed by former-NASA engineers to recreate the essential vitality of natural sunlight, boosting in your productivity, mood, and sleep.

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    In a world where artificial light has become the norm, we’ve drifted away from the very essence that powers our existence – sunlight. Sunlight is our life source, our energy, our rhythm, our clock. Unfortunately, we now spend 90% of our life indoors creating a modern health crisis.

    Every living organism on this planet needs sunlight to survive. Sunlight fine-tunes our body’s master clock, the suprachiasmatic nucleus, ensuring every cell’s clock aligns for optimal health, day and night.

    SKYVIEW technology works by cycling through brilliant sunrise, daytime, sunset, and nighttime hues throughout the day. These transitions positively impact the body on a biological level, similar to sunlight.

    SKYVIEW enhances wellness, shown in interventional clinical trials to:

    • Supercharge Your Day, Effortlessly: Boost your productivity by 12.5% with SKYVIEW. Experience work (and play) like never before, with reaction times 300% faster, all through the simplicity of light.
    • Sharpen Your Focus, Naturally: Enhance your focus by 90% with SKYVIEW. Transform your workday from post-lunch slumps to periods of clear, sustained attention, effortlessly.
    • Elevate Your Mood, Sleep in Bliss: With SKYVIEW, users see an uplift in mood and motivation. As night falls, you can enjoy deeper, more restful sleep, feeling refreshed as if you’ve gained three extra hours.