JOON is excited to partner with Wellory, the anti-diet app delivering 1-1 personal nutrition coaching to help you create a healthier relationship with food. Team up with your nutrition expert today!

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    Here's how they make it healthier for the long haul:

    👉  Match to your Wellory Nutrition Coach

    👉  Share photos of what’s on your plate and get advice when you need it, not judgment

    👉  Stick to your personalized plan with ongoing support from your Wellory Nutrition Coach

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    Together is the way we do it.

    You’re 95% more likely to hit your goals when you team up. That’s why every Nutrition Coach is:

    👉 A graduate from leading programs in Nutrition, Dietetics, or Integrative Nutrition

    👉 Matched to you, down to favorite foods and communication styles

    👉 An expert listener ready to change your relationship with food for good