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Name of Authorized Sub-Processor Description of processing Country in which subprocessing will take place
HubSpot Email marketing and support ticketing US


Heap Event-based analytics on landing pages to optimize conversion rates US


Session Rewind Watch redacted user activity to troubleshoot issues and optimize user experience US


Airtable Customer relationship management and partnership discount code management US


Notion Project management and customer feedback tracking US


Tableau Data visualization of customer payments and utilization US


Heroku Application server hosting and data processing US


AWS Application server hosting, data processing, and storage of receipt images US


Sentry Application exception monitoring US


DataDog Application activity logging, exception monitoring, and and performance analytics US


Coralogix Application activity logging US


Papertrail Application activity logging US


Shortcut Project management US


Scout Application exception monitoring and performance analytics US


Postmark Automated platform email notifications US


Stripe Payment processing and reimbursements Worldwide
Plaid Facilitate card-connected purchase experience in US and Canada US and Canada
TrueLayer Facilitate card-connected purchase experience in Europe EU and UK
Google Email, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for internal purposes and customer collateral US